Prayer Appointments: 210-706-0886

What To Expect

During the Prayer Session:

Come and share your personal needs for healing. We will pray that God will touch your life and that His healing power will be released to meet your needs. We offer sensitive, focused prayer in a confidential and warm setting.

Receiving Prayer:

You will experience the presence of Godʼs love as we pray. You may also receive healing in whole or in part, immediately or progressively as you return for further sessions. You are welcome to come again until you receive you entire healing.

Our Ministry Model:

We follow the Healing Prayer model that Jesus used. As He was led by God and in the power of Holy Spirit, He spoke words and laid His hands to heal the sick. People became whole in body, sound in mind, and reunited with Him in Spirit. This model is used in over 2000+ Healing Rooms around the world. In the waiting area guests identify their needs on a form, and then in a private room they are prayed for by a healing team of three volunteers for 20 minutes.